Time Flies

The name of this draft, prior to me editing it, said, “Christmas Time is Here,” and inside were numerous links to items I had on my wish list. Oh, to dream. I did manage to snag three of the 37 items. I like Christmas okay. Actually all gifts and at all times. This puts Joel … More Time Flies

My Grandma Mary

I’ve had the start of this blog going for about two weeks now and am just finally sitting down to write about the most wonderful, encouraging, loved woman I know. My Grandma Mary. My Grandpa Wally (her husband) always told me I needed to write a book about my grandma and all of her stories. … More My Grandma Mary

weird food combos

i was doing a bit of brainstorming over my lunch hour on what i would blog about next. turns out, even when i’m eating food, i’m thinking about more food. it’s been well over a week since i did the BIG grocery shopping. you know, the one where you actually make a list and think … More weird food combos

i’m back

whew. a new site. a new blog. it’s like i have adventure on my brain or something. i was reading one of my favorite blogs today (seriously. click & read.) and decided i missed this snippet of my life. (by this snippet I mean thinking of and then composing multiple stories that embarrass myself or … More i’m back